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5 June 2024: Royal Cornwall Show 6-8 June, impact on bus services. Read more.
28 May 2024: Three services in a row cancelled by Go Cornwall Bus. Read more.
28 May 2024: Review of park and ride confirms serious decline in patronage. Read more.
18 May 2024: Go Cornwall Bus 85 timetable revised from 12 May. Read more.
12 May 2024: Council invites tenders for provision of park and ride service. Read more.
10 May 2024: Council and bus companies sneak out announcement about fare increases. Read more.
7 May 2024: Council officials don’t know the price of a bus fare. Read more.
29 April 2024: Go Cornwall Bus app improved with notification of cancelled services. Read more.
28 April 2024: Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group AGM 17 June. Read more.
25 April 2024: Mid Cornwall Metro - an independent analysis of the project. Read more.
24 April 2024: Car park charges increased without a new Parking Order. Read more.
17 April 2024: £2 bus fare cap - will it last until end of 2024? Read more.
28 March 2024: Electric buses coming to the streets of Cornwall. Read more.
22 March 2024: Easter bus services - check the times. Read more.
21 March 2024: A few minor glitches in new timetable book. Read more.
15 March 2024: New timetable book published. Read more.
10 March 2024: Truro St Austell new timetable explained. Read more.
4 March 2024: Park and ride prices increasing again. Read more.
3 March 2024: New timetables from 31 March published. Read more.
27 February 2024: Significant changes to timetables from 31 March. Read more.
16 February 2024: First South West accounts show large loss in 2022-23. Read more.
3 February 2024: Cut price car park scheme will lead to disastrous consequences. Read more.
16 January 2024: Truro park and ride - Council kicks the can down the road. Read more.
12 January 2024: First Bus customer service sadly lacking. Read more.
5 January 2024: No news on operation of Truro park and ride service. Read more.
23 December 2023: No. 70 services diverted by road closure in Cawsand January 2024. Read more.
15 December 2023: No. 90 services diverted away from Ladock because of tree strike hazard. Read more.
1 December 2023: Bus companies publish information about Christmas and New Year services. Read more.
28 November 2023: Tap and cap overcharging: nothing do with us says Cornwall Council. Read more.
27 November 2023: RTPI showing vacant seat numbers unreliable. Read more.
22 November 2023: Update on GWR pay as you go smartcard: it works! Read more.
20 November 2023: Data on park and ride tickets purchased via First Bus app. Read more.
15 November 2023: Tap and cap charging errors a “known issue” say Cornwall Council. Read more.
13 November 2023: New no. 7 service Sennen Cove to Gurnards Head from 13 November. Read more.
6 November 2023: GWR launch pay as you go smartcard for tap on/tap on railway. Read more.
4 November 2023: Cornwall Council tweets about £2 max. fare but fails to update website. Read more.
3 November 2023: Go Cornwall Bus app reverts to only showing its own services. Read more.
2 November 2023: Confirmation of £2 maximum single fare through 2024. Read more.
21 October 2023: Small changes to some timetables from 29 October. Read more.
14 October 2023: School holiday timetables apply w/c 16 October on some routes. Read more.
11 October 2023: Town zone pricing anomalies revised, now all good value. Read more.
9 October 2023: Tamar Crossings tolls consultation. Read more.
5 October 2023: Bus and Train User blog features Liskeard to Launceston service. Read more.
4 October 2023: £2 maximum fare extended again until end of December 2024. Read more.
25 September 2023: First Bus 17 Penzance to St Ives, new timetable from 1 October. Read more.
24 September 2023: Coastal tourist routes, Lands End, Falmouth and north coast finish in October. Read more.
23 September 2023: Driver sickness leads to many First Bus cancellations. Read more.
21 September 2023: Real time passenger information: 3 versions of reality. Read more.
21 September 2023: New style timetables being rolled out at bus stops. Read more.
16 September 2023: First 27 and Go Cornwall Bus 27 follow each other along A390. Read more.
11 September 2023: Catch the bus month campaign unfortunate timing as services fail to run. Read more.
10 September 2023: Bad day on Bodmin to St Austell route as two-thirds of services cancelled. Read more.
7 September 2023: Mysterious Go Cornwall Bus on 27 route on Saturday afternoon. Read more.
4 September 2023: Some of the timetable changes effective from 3 September. Read more.
2 September 2023: Bus passenger charter extended again with no expiry date. Read more.
2 September 2023: New timetable book published. Read more.
30 August 2023: Changes to Stagecoach timetables from 3 September. Read more.
28 August 2023: Awaiting publication of new timetables applicable from 3 September. Read more.
26 August 2023: First Bus gives Cornwall Council notice to cease operating Truro park and ride. Read more.
20 August 2023: Friday a bad day in Bude for bus cancellations; Saturday a bad day in Newquay. Read more.
17 August 2023: Cornwall Council is not imposing any penalties on Go Cornwall Bus for cancelled services. Read more.
2 August 2023: Tap on/tap off payment mistake reimbursed. Read more.
1 August 2023: Newquay town service no. 58 not running during Boardmasters. Read more.
26 July 2023: New timetables from 3 September. Read more.
20 July 2023: Town zone prices are good value but there are anomalies. Read more.
17 July 2023: New summer timetables on Go Cornwall routes 21, 25, 56, 93/94 from 23 July. Read more.
13 July 2023: Go Cornwall Bus 85 revised timetable for Saturday 15 July only. Read more.
12 July 2023: U1 and U1A services to be split at Truro to mitigate delays caused by A30 roadworks. Read more.
1 July 2023: Transport for Cornwall website reverts to existing price information. Read more.
27 June 2023: Transport for Cornwall website has new prices, but doesn’t say they have gone up. Read more.
26 June 2023: Additional buses on U4 route from 2 July for summer period. Read more.
23 June 2023: Prices of bus fare ticket bundles going up on 2 July. Read more.
21 June 2023: First 24 services cancelled for third day in a row. Read more.
20 June 2023: First 24 services cancelled for second day in a row. Read more.
18 June 2023: Several First 24 services will not be running on 19 June. Read more.
13 June 2023: Chiverton Carland A30 closure over weekend of 16-19 June. Read more.
12 June 2023: 22 service bus stop information in Probus corrected. Read more.
11 June 2023: New comprehensive bus timetable book published from 28 May. Read more.
6 June 2023: Royal Cornwall Show impact on 95 service, temporary timetable published. Read more.
1 June 2023: Bad evening on 24 service as late evening buses not running. Read more.
23 May 2023: Council now imposing contractual penalties for non performance by Go Cornwall. Read more.
23 May 2023: Go Cornwall bus timetable changes from 28 May. Read more.
22 May 2023: Lands End coaster changes to hourly timetable from 28 May. Read more.
17 May 2023: Government announce further extension to the £2 single fare cap. Read more.
16 May 2023: Another bad day for passengers as First cancel 15 services. Read more.
15 May 2023: A bad day for bus passengers as 32 services cancelled at short notice. Read more.
9 May 2023: Several Go Cornwall services cancelled at short notice. Read more.
3 May 2023: Bus passenger charter expiry date extended. Read more.
24 April 2023: Meeting with Cornwall Council. Read more.
19 April 2023: Cornwall Council extends expiry dates on park and ride multi-day tickets. Read more.
10 April 2023: Go Cornwall publish Sunday and bank holiday timetable for 85 route. Read more.
7 April 2023: Amended version of 56 timetable published by Go Cornwall. Read more.
6 April 2023: Park and ride ticket refund achieved from First. Read more.
3 April 2023: Park and ride multi-day ticket expiry dates explained. Read more.
23 March 2023: Park and ride ticketing, formal complaint to Cornwall Council. Read more.
20 March 2023: Park and ride fare increases from 1 April. Read more.
19 March 2023: Evidence of specific failings in the RTPI systems. Read more.
19 March 2023: No change to concessionary fares scheme after pointless public consultation. Read more.
7 March 2023: New timetables to take effect from 2 April. Read more.
19 February 2023: Maximum £2 single fare extended until end June 2023. Read more.
13 February 2023: Park and ride ticket system fundamentally changed. Read more.
27 January 2023: Mid Cornwall round trip. Read more.
9 January 2023: RTPI system fabricates information about buses. Read more.
9 January 2023: Maximum single fare of £2 works using tap and cap system. Read more.
8 January 2023: Single bus fares capped at £2 for January to March. Read more.
25 December 2022: Bus services over Christmas and New Year. Read more.
24 December 2022: Unsafe building hit by car means A390 at Grampound closed to all traffic. Read more.
14 December 2022: Consultation on changes to concessionary bus travel scheme. Read more.
3 December 2022: Transport for Cornwall website, small step forward. Read more.
30 November 2022: Reply to question to Cornwall Council. Read more.
27 November 2022: Question to Cornwall Council about failings of Transport for Cornwall website. Read more.
21 November 2022: Progress on RTPI system as it shows cancelled service on strike day. Read more.
18 November 2022: RTPI system fails to advise passengers of cancellations on bus strike days. Read more.
17 November 2022: further strikes by First Bus drivers going ahead 18 & 21 November. Read more.
9 November 2022: Transport for Cornwall website not keeping timetables up to date. Read more.
1 November 2022: strikes by First Bus drivers again planned for 4 November. Read more.
28 October 2022: meaningless information from Cornwall Council on Bus Fares Pilot progress. Read more.
27 October 2022: changes to some GoCornwall timetables from 30 October. Read more.
24 October 2022: care worker stranded because of service failures by GoCornwall Bus. Read more.
13 October 2022: still awaiting Sunday timetables on route 27. Read more.
12 October 2022: a small reconnoitre on route 95 at St Kew Highway. Read more.
7 October 2022: strikes by First Bus drivers could impact services across Cornwall. Read more.
21 September 2022: “phantom” and “stealth” buses on the real time passenger information system. Read more.
18 September 2022: new timetables - issues with information in some timetable cases at bus stops. Read more.